With more than 10 years experience in web design, and seven years in the advertising field before that, I know how to help clients get results. We used to say the most important talent a web designer brings to the table is asking questions and listening for answers. Nowadays clients barely have time to talk. Designers need to 'hit one out of the park' with just the slimmest of input from clients. Clients rely on their web specialist for answers. Getting the best answer, the best solution-that's why clients are so satisfied with my company, Blue Banana.

Insights for the Client

Web is our career, not our hobby. We're professionals who know the difference between web-optimized images and graphics meant for print; we optimize every line of code so your site loads quickly and runs smoothly. Efficient project management that gives a client abundant opportunity to provide input and feedback is key. We have developed a process for getting to a client's essential needs and delivering 110% on expectations, time and again.

Season after season, Blue Banana Website Design & Hosting produces tasteful designs, expertly implemented. We stand out from the bunch and you will, too, with a fresh Blue Banana website.

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