Ever since I can remember, my brother and I have been building things. From go-karts to forts, if it could be built in wood, we did it. I guess we came by our love for building honestly - our grandfather had been a carpenter in Norway. Since age 15, many a summer was spent training and surveying with construction companies, reinforced by what we learned about building construction in school.

Both of us earned our journeyman's certificates - I completed my apprenticeship in 1977 and Darryl in 1980. During the apprenticeship period, most of our work was done in the commercial sector where we performed all facets of the construction process, from foundations work to finishing with the last doorknob. I initially apprenticed with Redden Construction, and later for two years with Superior Components, a division of ATCO which performed finishing worldwide. Darryl worked for Poole (now PCL) Construction.

In 1979, I established Holmes Construction; when Darryl completed his apprenticeship and joined me, the company became GADCO (Greg and Darryl's Company).


Our sole aim is to perform our work to the highest standards possible and achieve recognition for quality unmatched in the industry.

Insights for the Client

Sweat the small stuff! The most important consideration is whether the job looks good to you, our client.

For example, look to see if doorway margins and profiles line up. What we mean by that is, when we hang a door there is more to it than simply attaching the door to the hinges. We strive to make certain that the spacing between the door and the frame is uniform all the way around.

Emphasizing the importance of what seems to be a minor detail actually provides tangible benefits, such as weatherproofing - if the space between the door and the frame is too great, a draft can result in an uncomfortable home and higher heating costs.

To us, it's these little details which make the difference between a house and a home.

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