I was born in a city 18 km from the Swiss French border. This geographical region is very rich in culture and historical artifacts, dating back to the era of the Roman Empire. These aspects were a great influence on my interest in art.

After completing basic education, I enrolled as an apprentice in the art of stone sculpting and worked for different studios in Germany and Switzerland, gaining knowledge by observing and working with masters in realistic, contemporary and abstract art forms.

I attended university to obtain my Masters Degree as a Stone Sculptor in Freiburg, Germany. Through extensive tests and demonstrations of skills and knowledge, it was a proud achievement for me to receive the right, backed by a diploma, to bear the title of a Master in the art of Sculpting In Stone, issued by the most respected panel of Judges of the Stonemason and Stonesculpting Guild in the Black Forest, Germany. That same year I was awarded first prize for my entry at the National Park & Landscape Competition in Germany.

After immigrating to Canada in 1972, I came to realize how much the visible history of France, Switzerland and southern Germany had become an integral part of my professional life. Immigration demanded adjustments and required a transition period to a new country and different culture. I was able to pursue my love of art as a sculptor in natural stone, enrolling in the Alberta College of Art & Design as a part time student, while operating my own studio.

This new country I have chosen to live in has taught me very valuable lessons as well. Proven traditions don't seem to be appreciated, or worse yet, are not given the recognition they deserve. It is a matter of personal principle for me to maintain, uphold, teach and offer these invaluable traditional qualities because, eventually, they do separate the Master or true Artisan and Craftsman from the amateur.

My work is testimony to my skills. There is no better proof than to be preceded by the reputation voiced by others.


  • To maintain, uphold, teach and offer the invaluable, proven traditions of the Old Masters.

  • To say thank you to the Masters and Teachers I have worked under and with; to honour their efforts and patience. They have enriched my knowledge and guided the development of my skills and talent.

  • For my work to continue to speak for itself and for my integrity as an artist.

Insights for the Client

I have produced an extensive collection of works in natural stone and wood. Although my sculptures are created in a variety of styles, from classical to contemporary, my specialty lies in abstracts. Several of my works are competition winners and are exhibited in public venues both in Germany and in Canada.

  1. Excellent craftsmanship produces valuable and lasting heirlooms.

  2. Artistry is the extension of excellent craftsmanship with the addition of an intended statement.

  3. Good art is pleasant, relaxing, enjoyable and rejuvenating - a source of inspiration and a guiding genius.

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