I started working with my father at age 12, working summers until age 17. At that time, I began a formal apprenticeship with my Uncle Henry deWaal, working with him for three years. When my father founded Joe Pente Plumbing, I returned to working with him, completing the last year of my apprenticeship with my father.

Most of our work was done in the new residential, light commercial and renovation sectors. After gaining a further ten years of experience, I was invited to become a partner in the business.

I have been the sole owner of Pente Plumbing since 1997 when my father, Joe, retired.


We perform our work exclusively on high-end homes, and therefore our focus is on building our reputation. I would like to find a few more quality-oriented career plumbers so that I can step back and work on the growth of my business.

I want to ensure that our people are happy doing what they do, thereby maintaining a stable, reliable team of quality professionals.

Insights for the Client

The most important time to determine whether a plumbing professional is a quality resource is during rough-in. Here are some pointers:

  • Ask questions to ensure they have thorough knowledge of current building codes
  • Pay attention to minor details, such as whether the work is neat and tidy - how the work actually looks is important
  • Proper drainage is ensured by installing pipes at a slope. For example, a 3" pipe must have a ¼" per foot slope
  • Adequately sized water piping systems must be in place to ensure proper flow on each fixture and must be done at rough-in.

Sloppy work can result in many catastrophes-a little diligence at the start can prevent a lot of trouble down the road. For example:
  • an insufficient number of hangers installed can result in drooping pipes that can plug up because they slope the wrong way. Something like this won't always be caught by the building inspector!
  • water lines that are not fastened correctly can result in major leaks
  • improper planning of lines can affect overall performance and future expansion
  • pipes installed parallel to each other often prove to be the visible difference between a plumber who takes pride in his work and one that cares nothing for quality.

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