I commenced my apprenticeship in October, 1979 with camp jobs - residential, commercial, industrial - in Calgary with Coons Electric. At the time, Coons was the largest residential electrical company in Calgary, commanding about 60% of the market. I became a qualified Journeyman, upgraded for masters through SAIT in 1984.

Although approximately 75% of my experience is in the residential sector, the scope of my work has included the design of a plastics manufacturing plant in Carstairs, AB including drawing electrical schematics. During my employment with Cana Electric, I was entrusted to work on the presses at the new Calgary Herald building. I was foreman with Sando Electric for seven years, working mainly in the custom home sector. I gained further valuable experience in commercial electric while working with Kohn Electrical before finally establishing PTS Electric Ltd. in 1990.

Through PTS Electric I have done design and install work for Smart Homes Systems with emerging technologies such as low voltage lighting controls, security systems interface, computer controlled environments and HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) interfaces. Other emerging technologies I am familiar with include Home Automation, Home Theatre, Theatre Accessories and Structured Wiring (roughing in systems for telephone, computer, and future satellite).


  • To expose clients to the immense possibilities of lighting, and to the many ways well-planned electrical systems can enhance their daily lives.

  • To use lighting in innovative ways, creating striking effects that give each project the finishing touch.

  • To listen to each client and match their many tasks to the ideal light, helping reduce eyestrain, fatigue, and other complaints caused by incorrect lighting.

Insights for the Client

There is no substitute for experience in any field; when it comes to electrical work, no one wants to be part of the learning curve.
  1. Good electricians gain experience in a variety of ways, and that experience should be evident. If you are unsure, ask about their past work and check their references.

  2. Look for pride in and passion for their work; it shows in the job being done and this leads to happy clients. Pride and passion are also hallmarks of quality workmanship, particularly in following current Canadian electrical code standards.

  3. Expect your electrician to present his or her work in a professional manner and to be able to design and adapt to your specific needs seamlessly. This will become self-evident in the electrician's communication skills with the general contractor and yourself.

  4. Choose someone who will service and maintain his or her own installations.

  5. Promptness and efficiency on the jobsite are crucial qualities of a professional electrician. Reliable people have the passion for their work burning within.

  6. Good electricians care enough to access and supply a wide range of specialty products such as: lighting and fixtures, panels, wiring, control components, steamers, electric in-floor heating, structured wiring systems and even more exotic offerings.

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