After basic education, I was employed by a local painting firm that enrolled me into an apprenticeship with SAIT painting and interior decorating. I earned a Journeyman's certificate May 29, 1984. As a first year journeyman, I tutored the entire class on proper spraying techniques at the request of the instructor.

I moved on to a new firm after 12 years with the original company and later started my own business. Because I'd lived by the Highwood River for ten years, Highwood Painting and Decorating was christened in May 1996. Since then, we have evolved into Highwood Specialty Coatings to better reflect our vast knowledge of interior decorating and paint related products.


Many companies claim that customer satisfaction is their goal. Highwood Specialty Coatings takes that credo one step further. Our company relies solely on word-of-mouth advertising and referrals in order to generate business. If our clients are unsatisfied, we are out of work and therefore our goal cannot be compromised.

We stake our reputation on every job we do, so you can be assured that client satisfaction truly is our only goal.

Insights for the Client

The coatings industry is ever-evolving. It's essential to stay abreast of new technologies and products to get the highest quality result. Since I am an Artisan in the following fields, I am well qualified to advise on the ideal products and use the best application method for your project:

I am an Artisan in the following fields:

  • Epoxy Coatings Technician
    • Quartzite Hospital Floors
    • Acid Tank Linings
    • Moretex Floors
    • Kalmar Waterproof Seamless Flooring
    • Sand/Shot blasting
  • Furniture Restoration
  • Fine Wood Finisher
  • Coloured Lacquer
  • Wall Coverings (Wallpaper)
  • Brushing and Rolling
  • Poly Mixes (a magnitude of colour splattered to the wall)
  • Special Decorative Effects

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