What is Heart and Hands?

Welcome to Heart and Hands. We are a group of people with a simple purpose: We have come together because we know we are the best. We are Artists and Artisans. If you are thinking of updating your home or building a new home, the Heart and Hands group are the creators of works of art and the antiques of the future.

Our team is qualified not in the high-end, but in the super high-end market of creativity. You will find no show homes in the super high-end because in this market, nothing is reproduced, duplicated or copied.

Buckboard Homes has created Heart and Hands and is the only builder in Canada (to its knowledge) that promotes its Artists and Artisans as its product. People and their creativity is what Buckboard Homes promotes and values.

The purpose of this introduction is to educate the customer. When one looks at buying anything of high value, it is always prudent to do one's due diligence and understand the process. If one is entering the stock market, something well-known to the affluent, before placing the order check; Price:Earning Ratio, Price:Sales Ratio, Cash Flow Analysis, Cash Flow Ratios and so on.

What about when one builds a high-end home? Do you know the process that is ingrained into today's construction industry? Currently, after you sign the deal with your builder, the work is contracted out to the lowest bidder that can be found - regardless as to whether they have the qualifications. The builder doesn't care about qualifications, the most important thing is the lowest cost.

You may be under the impression your project will be OK because it is reviewed by city inspectors, but those inspectors will never be seen carrying a level, chalking line or square. Quality control is not the responsibility of the inspector.

Checking out a company before stock purchase is the same as building a super high-end home. Check to see if the management has hands-on skill in their background; find out if the team is qualified; know who will hang your high-end doors before you sign; find out if the framers have the knowledge and background before making a single pencil mark?

Before you sign the deal, meet the Artists and Artisans - their abilities become the true value of your project and that is why the qualifications and creativity of our people are of utmost importance to Buckboard Homes.

Welcome again, to Heart and Hands.

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