What is the HHD?

The letters “HHD” after an Artisan’s name indicates that he or she has earned the Heart and Hands Degree.

This degree is earned from the University of Life; one cannot acquire this level of expertise from any academic institution—it is a recognition of accomplishment by one's peers.

In order to qualify for this degree, artisans and artists must be a part of a Website Pie and:
  1. Have a visible passion for what they know; hence agreeing to join Heart and Hands.
  2. Have fundamental training in their field of expertise - either with a Mentor, by apprenticeship or both.
  3. Be eager to venture beyond their already vast boundaries of knowledge; to push the envelope of their creativity.
  4. Own their own successful limited company.
  5. Have many years of experience.
  6. Understand and uphold the word 'quality.'
  7. Work with clients who truly want their expertise.
Clearly, the word ‘degree’ refers to degree of ability and passion for one's expertise. It is not something one earns in the Heart and Hands group—it is something one already has when invited into Heart and Hands. It can only be acquired from the University of Life: the proper education, the need for quality, creativity, respect for one’s peers, time spent, the pursuit of wealth, and the one thing that ties it all together - PASSION TO CREATE.

If you are an Artisan or Artist who embodies all of these prerequisites, you have earned the HHD.

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